An effective solution to mental wellbeing at work and in our communities

On Wellbeing has emerged from the success of the national e-learning platform Aspire. We are experienced providers of diverse and inclusive learning support for students across the UK.

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A science-driven solution for mental resilience

Our world is complex and challenging. A growing number of individuals are struggling to cope. On Wellbeing provides tools and strategies to enhance mental health, helping users to thrive. Its focus is on skills-based learning, behaviour change and personal growth, delivered through a combination of app, website, workshop and webinars.


We help you to build a happy and healthy team

We'll build you a bespoke digital programme and app comprising three components: Toolbox, Planner and Community. This space houses all your wellbeing opportunities in one place - from local community group links to skills-based personal growth exercises - helping your employees and business to thrive.

Introducing the On Wellbeing team & our contributors

Dominic Bennett

We launched On Wellbeing in 2023 with a mission to change the face of wellbeing programmes... Read More

Dr. Nicola Eccles

My background in health behaviour change and digital health solutions helped... Read More

Scott Manson

I’ve spent decades working in the pressured, political and mentally stressful... Read More

Jenny Scott

At On Wellbeing, we believe that ‘sticking plasters’ simply aren't enough when it comes... Read More

Ruby Darbyshire

Software development is known to be a stressful industry; imposter syndrome is endemic... Read More

Jonny Hides

Being a part of the design industry has shown me the importance of understand... Read More

Nuwan Narasinghe

In today's fast-paced world, where distractions are abundant, mobile apps can cont... Read More

Sam Senda

As a React Native Mobile Developer for On Wellbeing, I take pride in being part of an inno... Read More

Drew Kelly

As the Content Creator for On Wellbeing, I’m driven by a profound passion for support... Read More

Jay Dunn

The world is becoming ever more fast paced and demanding. As a self-taught developer... Read More

Barry Crosby

The intersection of technology and mental health is where we can make a real impact... Read More

Jonny Ward

Jonny is a Fire Officer based at Moss Side. A Psychotherapist working in private practice... Read More

Dr Paula Watson

Dr Paula Watson is a HCPC-registered Practitioner Psychologist who specialises in exercise... Read More

Niamh Moynihan

Niamh Moynihan is a Productivity Coach, founder of Better Workday and author of Remote... Read More

Dr Louise Lambert

Dr. Louise Lambert is a Canadian positive psychology researcher and organizational consultant... Read More

Dr Nicola Stenberg

Dr Nicola Stenberg is a Chartered Psychologist with a special interest in health... Read More

Hannah Holt

Hannah is an (AC) credited coach who makes the concept of “transformation” practical... Read More

Lisa Gatenby

Dr Lisa Gatenby is a Registered Nutritionist and Public Health Specialist with... Read More

Rachel Wilkinson

Rachel is a chiropractor with 27 years experience and a well-established practice... Read More

Dr Heather McKee

Heather is known as Europe's leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist, keynote... Read More

Carey Davis-Munro

HR level 7 qualified, with a background in education and leadership, Carey is an ICF... Read More

Experience what our app can do for you and your team

For a first step towards positive change, have a quick chat with us. We don’t deliver a product. We deliver a bespoke service based on our research driven knowledge and insights, along with a focused understanding of your organisation or community.

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