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For a first step towards positive change, have a quick chat with us. We don’t deliver a product. We deliver a bespoke service based on our research driven knowledge and insights, along with a focused understanding of your organisation or community.

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Find what you need to face any mental health challenges

A space to learn skills, understand how we can take responsibility for our mental health and change thought patterns and behaviours. An accessible and effective space to revitalise your mental health.


A personalised journal for your wellbeing journey

A place to reflect. A place to process and plan. Creating purpose and meaning in life with journals, visuals and prompts. A space to look ahead. A space for You


Create strong connections within your workplace

We know how difficult it is to reach colleagues. This easy to access space merges your current wellbeing opportunities with On Wellbeing mentors, volunteering and charity related activities. This is your portal for building a community with mental health at the centre.


We surround your organisation with evidence based support mechanisms

We know that an app alone cannot drive change and make a positive impact on mental health. This is why we’ve created a supportive scaffolding approach for every organisation. Its systematic step process of engagement ensures users first understand ‘why’ and then understand ‘how’. Mental health ambassadors, webinars and workshops – together with bespoke management training – will help drive high levels of engagement and really make a difference to how people feel.