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Discover simple ways to make mental health gains.

Why journalling is good for the mind

One of the techniques to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy way to express yourself. This makes the journaling tool in the Your Space section a helpful way to manage mental health.

It helps users to prioritise problems, fears, and concerns, tracking any issues day-to-day so they can recognise triggers and provides an opportunity for positive self-reflection and identifying negative thoughts and behaviours.

The power of positive effect journaling

A 2018 US study found that journaling offered an effective intervention for mitigating mental distress, increasing well-being and enhancing physical functioning.

What Your Space can do for you

A personalised journal for your wellbeing journey.

Your reflections

A place to gather your thoughts, express gratitude and identify positive and negative patterns.

Your goals

Whether big or small ambitions, here’s where you put your manifesting markers so you can work towards what you need.

Vision boards

Don’t just think it, see it. Your collection of inspiring and supporting images lives here.

What our clients say

Setting goals for a healthier life

Goals and goal setting within a compassionate and realistic framework are effective ways to change behaviour.

At On Wellbeing we focus on setting goals around our patterns, responses, thoughts and emotions. Once we challenge ourselves to see the day differently and approach things from a different mindset then often the health and lifestyle changes will follow more easily.

A reflective journal for your wellbeing journey

This is a place to make meaning out of your life and find your purpose.

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