Your Toolbox

Discover simple ways to make mental health gains.

The science behind the tools

This section of the app is powered by the latest thinking and research in behavioural science. A discipline that gives critical insights into the nature of mental health and the processes that can drive recovery and resilience.

Your Toolbox has been custom-designed by our behavioural expert Dr Nicola Eccles, based on evidence-led insights. The result is the world’s first wellbeing programme that focuses 100% on improving mental health.


Our podcasts are relatable, useful and one of the most popular parts of our app.

What Your Toolbox can do for you

Find what you need to face any mental health challenges.

Elevate your mood, outlook, and mental wellbeing with games, interactive tools, podcasts, and videos.

Our fast-moving and responsive app supports your mental health journey.

Featuring insights from academic experts, professionals, and real-life stories for inspiration and solutions.

What our clients say

Our Learning Hub. Let’s protect our brains!

The skills-based interactive games are housed in the learning hub.

Increasing your knowledge and understanding around your thoughts, emotions and responses is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Tips from our toolbox

Did you know…

Micromanaging your work time can be stressful and counterproductive. Try and have just a couple of challenges you need to tackle in any day and let the other things on your list be for completion throughout the week.

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