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It's a science-backed, evidence-led digital platform created by behaviour change experts that focuses exclusively on mental health, offering practical tools for self-care and resilience, unlike others that often only target the "worried well”.

We place our behaviour change expertise at the centre. The app is constructed with a personal space, a learning hub and a community section founded in behavioural science. The tools within each section are specifically designed with personalisation and engagement features. Notifications can be tailored to the users preferences.

Many organisations have existing wellbeing products and events. The purpose of our Community section is to showcase these, placing everything within one space for employees. This is simple, efficient and drives engagement.This section includes not just wellbeing initiatives, but also training and development, volunteering, charitable events and endeavours

On Wellbeing’s focus is on digital health literacy enabling users to learn at a level and speed that is appropriate for them. The app is inclusive and accessible offering support to those who wouldn’t usually engage with workplace wellness initiatives. It reaches the ‘hard to reach’, the hybrid and remote workforce and offers a very comfortable and individual path to understanding mental health.

Our learning hub has a unique ‘Duolingo’ style platform with games which focus on self-esteem, stress, changing behaviour and other mental health topics. We also use videos, infographics, podcasts and case studies to create a range of different learning opportunities.

Each step of our app is designed in line with digital behaviour change theory. We place engagement and understanding at the centre of our designs. The mental health content varies in depth and users can tap into different styles of learning to gain further knowledge of certain topics. This includes helpful infographics, short videos with explanations and suggestions and stories of other who have overcome or live with different mental health conditions. Users of On Wellbeing can assess where they are in relation to the topic of stress or low mood. Our learning hub has games around mental health topics which work in three stages: understanding the issue; where am I; improving.

Impact looks different for every organisation. On Wellbeing assess outcomes from the first meeting and we conduct qualitative and quantitative research at baseline and after six months to evidence change and transformation.

The data is only visible to the individual user themselves. On Wellbeing only stores necessary information (such as an email address). Usage data is entirely anonymised and neither our administration team, not the organisation will be able to see user data. The mosts senistsive data such as the journalling and goals section are hosted entirely on the users phone, to ensure there is no possibility of the data being compromised

On Wellbeing is accessible and inclusive by design and features stories from a range of individuals. Content is designed to appeal to various levels of mental health knowledge and experience. On Wellbeing is also suitable for a remote and hybrid workforce through the nature of it being digitally based.

The initial onboarding process is a tried and tested process which follows a meeting between the On Wellbeing team and your organisations’ wellbeing or HR team. The process is then specifically designed to align with the organisations’ communication and interaction style. The integrative process involves emailing staff with a QR code and a live (and recorded) webinar. We manage the process and ensure engagement with a proven and effective pathway.

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Micromanaging your work time can be stressful and counterproductive. Try and have just a couple of challenges you need to tackle in any day and let the other things on your list be for completion throughout the week.

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