On Wellbeing

10th November 2023

An interactive webinar: Managing overwhelm in the workplace. Friday 24th November at 11 - 12am

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Session Overview

This is an interactive conversational session. Nicola, an expert in skill-based behaviour change for better mental health and Niamh, an accomplished workplace advisor on balancing productivity, health and avoiding burnout chat about managing overwhelm.

Session Speakers

Dr Nicola Eccles

Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing at On Wellbeing.

Niamh Moynihan

Founder of A Better Workday and author of Remote Working Essentials.

Key topics

The basis of overwhelm and anxiety and the perception that we cannot get everything done. The current problem of distraction and procrastination through multiple devices. The juggle of life, work and our varied demands and responsibilities. The difficulty in knowing which one to focus on at any given moment. Understanding our own personal resources, limits and areas that require support. How to blend rather than separate work/life and consider instead our overall ‘resource’ management. The concepts of ‘intentional neglect’ and ‘strategic underachievement’. Practical solutions and take aways to really reduce the sinking sensation of overwhelm.

This session is open to everyone but is specifically aimed at those supporting staff in the workplace.

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